The cluster

International business cluster

The Mipirail cluster includes companies in the rail sector in Occitanie. It promotes the development and visibility of this sector at local, national and international levels.
Mipirail has has chosen to specialize in four technical areas:
And three sectorial skill sets:
At the regional level, Mipirail serves as a showcase for its members' expertise, a pole of attraction in its areas of competence and a committed player in smart land transportation projects.
At the national and international level, Mipirail coordinates its actions in complementarity with the three other French rail industry clusters (Association of Railway Industries, Mecateam Cluster and Neopolia). Since 2013, the four railway clusters have initiated an interclustering approach called Railway Business Clusters, a network hosted by the Federation of Rail Industries.
Business-oriented Mipirail serves as a sounding board for its members to whom it offers wide visibility in France and abroad for crucial railway topics.
"In a period where the acceleration of changing uses, where the environment and safety are essential values for citizens, where urban traffic is saturated and the use of rail transport is experiencing continuous growth, our industry is a key player in smart land transportation of the future.
The regional economic activity of Occitanie, known for its expertise in embedded systems and the Aerospace Valley Competitiveness Cluster, also has significant industrial activity in the rail sector. Consequently, the cluster's offer is based on its members' skills in energy management, services to users and connected systems.
The cluster's key objective – developing the regional rail sector – requires raising the visibility of its members, and increasing its capacity for innovation and national and international sales.
Local anchoring encourages group dynamics and enhances inter-sectorial know-how within regional pivotal projects, train stations and airports of the future, smart cities, etc.
The cluster makes it possible to link business innovation to the collective knowledge of the needs of the market and partnership opportunities.
Finally the presence of national clusters in many international events and the dynamics of export and the international presence of our businesses are assets for successful development beyond our borders.
In this context, the collective dynamics of companies within clusters such as Mipirail is essential to cope with issues resulting from disruptive new uses by citizens, and consequently contributes to building a bright future for our industry." Pascal Pin, President of Mipirail


Mipirail is a non-profit association (Law of 1901), open to any company in Occitanie with railway business. Membership requires acceptance of decision making based on a simple majority of the members of the association. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
The association is composed of different types of members:

  • Honorary Members: institutions including Madeeli, the Occitanie CCI, the Toulouse CCI and associations or professional groups
  • Active Members: companies with industrial operations in the rail sector in Occitanie
  • Affiliate Members: any organisation with business in the rail sector

Its board is made up of the following officers:

  • President : Pascal PIN (ACTIA Telecom)
  • Vice-President – international committee: David SABOT (IGE+XAO), François Tripier Mondancin (ADN)
  • Vice-President – connected systems committee: Xavier LAFONTAN (INTESENS)
  • Vice-President – renovation and MCO committee: Fançois-Xavier Graissaguel (HIOLLE Technologies)
  • Treasurer: Jean Damien Du Rivau (ARCYS)
  • Treasurer Deputy: Jean-Damien Du Rivau (AREVA)

Honorary Members: Pierre LEROY (Co-founder and first President of Mipirail)

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