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The evolution of practices and technologies, competition among modes of transport and inter-modality all contribute to the increasing demand in user services in trams, subways, and various types of trains.

Three Keywords: Information, Comfort and Safety

The level of services offered to users is a strong element of differentiation influencing the preference for a given operator or given mode of transport (bicycle, tram, subway, car, train, plane). In this area, uses evolve very quickly involving short cycles, real time, and the ability to handle large volumes of data. All of this is continuous. One of the major issues in this field is the ability to accompany the user within the station, during the trip and all the way to the exit from the station to access other means of transport in an inter-modal approach. In other words, this means continuously providing a high level of service in terms of information (audio and visual), comfort (video on demand, analysis of noise, touch screen, Wi-Fi, reduced mobility access) and safety (video surveillance, sound and passenger alerts, intercoms, CCTV cameras).

Mipirail's Distinctive Offer

Regional expertise in embedded systems, knowledge of the uses of different transport sectors and the know-how of the companies in the cluster ensure that Mipirail is naturally positioned in this area with a differentiated offer, covering functions and systems such as:
• Passenger information within the rolling stock
• Sound systems in train stations
• Public address systems
• Security intercom functions
• Communications between fixed and rolling stock
• Equipment providing accessibility for reduced mobility passengers
• Video-surveillance and rearview cameras
• Technical and comfort lighting
• On board Internet and Wi-Fi

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