Ground energy management

Because controlling the cost of energy is a major issue in railway operation, Mipirail's member companies work to provide innovative and effective solutions in this area.

Complementary Skills

The cluster members offer services and products in engineering, software tools, production, planning and RCM (reliability-centered maintenance). Mipirail companies' offerings focus primarily on three major areas:
• Management and distribution of energy: electric distribution boards, overhead lines, system management, telecommunication systems, control command, automated systems, etc.
• Measurement of energy and maintenance (telecommunications, command control, IoT systems)
• Safety (back-up power sources, lighting and sign-posting, stray voltage)

An Inter-Cluster Strategy throughout Occitanie

As for managing energy and power electronics, Mipirail can rely on the ecosystem of the Occitanie region which includes the LAAS-CNRS (Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems), PRIMES (+ URL link), Laplace (plasma and energy conversion laboratory), the Saint-Exupery IRT and the DERBI Competitiveness Cluster, active in the renewable energy sector.

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The specialists

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