Technological advances in recent years have led to significant developments in rail transport by increasing services to both users and operators. Engineering is becoming increasingly central (in a positive sense) and multidisciplinary. This pushes the companies to search for experts. They then make suitable offers ranging from software solutions, to professional products or turnkey solutions, using qualified human resources.

Global Vision, Pragmatism and Efficiency

The issue for the Mipirail engineering offer is to support players in the sector by providing a global vision, industry expertise, and above all a pragmatic approach for economic efficiency. The offer focuses particularly on improving availability and optimizing equipment and infrastructure operating costs in accordance with safety constraints through our expertise:
• Design, development and evaluation of safety systems (SIL0 to SIL4 standards)
• Modelling and formal testing of security systems
• System design engineering tools (means of deployment, test benches)
• Engineering teams for specific solutions
• Optimization of maintenance resources
• Rolling stock fleet management tool
• Flow dynamics simulation tools
• Optimization of design and manufacturing of wiring (electric CAD software, manufacturing of harnesses, machines for cutting, marking and wire stripping, manufacturing benches)
• CMMS and logistics information systems (SIL)
• Collaborative platform for technical and financial management of infrastructure construction and maintenance.
• Management tool for the physical infrastructure of rail networks & telecom wiring
• Health-monitoring
• Modelling tool for infrastructure performance
• And of course:
o Integrated logistics support (ILS)
o Obsolescence management
o Reliability Maintainability Availability and Safety

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