Embedded energy management

Three major issues are inherent in the management of embedded energy. It involves the optimization of energy consumption, the reduction of production costs and the availability of equipment. The Mipirail cluster has structured its offer to be able to provide solutions of proximity to the problems of rail sector customers.

A broad Offer and Cross-Functional Skills

Mipirail's member companies are working on:
• Management and distribution of embedded energy (drive train, electrical distribution boards, I/O modules, optimization of diagram, communication between rolling stock and fixed stock, command control, automated systems),
• Energy measurement and maintenance (control, IoT systems),
• Safety aspects (HV detector, lighting and sign-posting).

For the management of embedded energy, the cluster includes the following skills:
• Engineering
• Software tools
• Production
• Fittings
• RCM (reliability centered maintenance)

A Major Theme at the Regional Level

On the issue of managing embedded energy, power electronics and hydrogen, Mipirail can count on the research laboratories of the Occitanie region and in particular:
LAAS-CNRS (Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems), PRIMES, Laplace (laboratoire plasma et conversion d’énergie) as well as the Saint-Exupéry Institute of Technological Research in Toulouse and the Aerospace Valley Competitiveness Cluster focusing on the issue of the more-electrical airplane.


The specialists

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