Connected systems

In the field of connected systems, Mipirail member companies address the universality of the IoT (Internet of Things) through 3 dominant functions: metrology, monitoring and localization.

Proven Know-How

In the field of metrology, connected systems make it possible, for example, to improve passenger counts, energy consumption, sound, and security. In the area of surveillance, the IoT applies to diagnosis, maintenance, accessibility and monitoring the tracks. In the field of localization, connected systems can notably improve freight logistics. Sensors, connectivity and web software are the three areas of excellence of the companies in the Mipirail cluster.

Applications for the Entire Rail Sector

Connected systems and the IoT find applications in stations and maintenance centers, as well as for rail infrastructure and rolling stock maintenance. In the field of connected systems, Mipirail members work on three major themes:
• Saving time and improving availability with real time and remote data processing,
• Optimization of costs (logistics, consumables),
• Reliability (maintenance). Mipirail member companies benefit from the Occitanie region's vitality in the Internet of Things, and work in collaboration with research laboratories, such as LAAS-CNRS (Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems) and in an inter-clustering approach with IoT Valley, Sensing Valley and Digital Place

Picto systèmes connectés

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