Dec. 13, 2016: RATP Day - Mipirail and the smart city

Save the date! The meeting between RATP and the smart land transport industry will be held December 13, 2016 at the CCI of Toulouse.

On December 13, the central focus of the day will be the Smart City. This theme echoes the determination to develop synergies among the different regional clusters. Mipirail wants to strengthen ties to the Robotics Place and Robotics Place et Automotech clusters to broadly promote regional companies' expertise. The day will be organised around the presentation of RATP programs and the know-how of Mipirail's regional industrialists and smart land transport specialists. The afternoon will focus on visiting the industrialists' stands and interviewing them. Finally, "speed-dating" sessions between the manufacturers and RATP purchasing and operations managers will take place. To register for this day, send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Strengthen European rail leadership in the world market. What can the European Union do?

The railway equipment industry is a sector of strategic production for Europe's reindustrialization. The economy and industry ministers of 16 Member States emphasized this in the recent Joint Warsaw Statement of Friends of Industry. Whether it's the production of railway rolling stock, development of sign-posting systems or equipment for infrastructure, European industry is leading the global market with a 46%. market share. However, with the rapid rise of Asian industrial giants and increasingly fierce competition in the global and European markets, the European rail equipment industry now finds itself at a major turning point in its history. More than ever the industry needs the support of European institutions and Member States to safeguard its global leadership and its 400,000 jobs in Europe. On June 9 the European Parliament paved the way by adopting a resolution on the competitiveness of the European rail equipment sector prepared by the Committee on Industry (ITRE) under the aegis of the German MEP Martina Werner. The European Parliament made very concrete recommendations to increase the competitiveness of the European rail industry and finally create fair conditions of competition throughout the global rail equipment market. Click here for more information.

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