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Electrical CAD and Harness Manufacturing

SEE Electrical Expert « Harness package »:
Managing of all of kind of diagrams and list (Cabling, BOM,...)
Connection with the Mechanical 3D and PDM (Product Data Management) systems

SEE Electical PLM and SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing
Management of more complexe products and for the Harness Manufacturing

Main railway products

• SEE Electrical Expert Harness Package
• SEE Electrical PLM
• SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing

Railway activities

For over 30 years, the IGE+XAO Group has been a software publisher designing, producing, selling and ensuring the maintenance of a range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. These software products have been designed to help manufacturers in the design and maintenance of the electrical part of any type of installation. This type of CAD/PLM/Simulation is called "CAD/PLM/Simulation".
Since mid 2014 with Prosyst take over, IGE+XAO also offers a complete software range for electrical installation functional simulation.
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